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Triggerbot - Autoshot hover help kill the enemy very quickly.
Triggerbot is the same AIMBOT, but without autoguider. It works as follows: You see the enemy, aim the sight on him and he fires a cheat, and so quickly that the enemy will be at a loss on the shot velocity. Plus the reader that he is not induced the enemy, so you burn much more difficult.

Fully bypasses:
VAC (all versions)

*** ESP Box | ESP Sound ***
Draws squares on top of the screen around the players.
Players can see through a wall. Ricuet body skeleton.
It is possible to stream the game, no one will know that you are a cheat!
It displays the number of lives the player.
Displays the weapon, which is now in the hands of the player.
You can customize the display of the player´s name.
You can enable, disable the display of its own.
ESP Sound "beeps" as a metal detector when priblezhaetsya opponent.
Each element has a thin settings: color, position, size, and others ...

*** RCS | Crosshair ***
RCS - System controls recoil.
Draws sight in the center of the screen.
The sight moves and shows where the bullets are flying.
You can enable monitoring of return, all the bullets will fly to 1 point.
You can customize the color, position, size.
You can play with the stream, no one will see.

*** Aimbot | smartAim ***
It helps to aim at the enemy.
You can change the review Aimbot degrees.
Displays the radius of the review on your screen.
You can set a any button on the alarm.
Controlling recoil when triggered Aimbot.
You can enable a smart finishing, to the neck and trunk.

*** *** Triggerbot
Autoshot when you hover over the enemy, you move the sight on the enemy and triggerbot shoots himself.
When you move, you shoot so quickly that the enemy is at a loss on your responses.
You can customize any weapon to your playing style. There are detailed instructions.
• Do not shoot at her.
•Fast reaction.
• Several modes of operation.

Avtopistol - no longer need to click when fired from a pistol! It can be clamped with both rifle and pistol will shoot
Banihop - While holding the spacebar your player endlessly jumping
Radar - notes of your enemies on the gaming radar red dots
Backlight - Draws the outline of your enemies, allowing you to see them through a wall
Behind the wall - Changes the color of the backlight when the enemy is in the visibility veshey
Plenty / Defuz - Changes the illumination color of the enemy, when being installed or clearance bomb

<Attention> Recommended play mode activation button can be used at the right time, while waiting with the AWP, at the exit from the corner, and even a lot of different situations.
We also recommend not to abuse the whole game with the responsibility of Auto shot at you if you are a beginner and just start to make the team think many floor you try zareportit, use moderately enjoyable game. </ Attention>

Why trust us.
? 1. More than 49,000 satisfied customers.
? 2. For 3 years on the market.
? 3. In the history of triggerbota no vac ban.
? 4. Trigger bot has already killed more than - 6,004,573 players.
? 5. More than 1000 positive feedback from our customers.
? 6. Dozens of clans playing with our triggerbotom.
? 7. Operational Tech support, answer more than 1,000 questions.
? 8. Standing online and the ability to collect chatting stack associates.
? 9. The operational updates and innovations.
? 10. Regular competitions and bonuses to active players.

Using this product, you signify your acceptance of the terms and conditions laid down - https://armgames.ru/tgo/eula
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