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Английский, вариант 4 (PROBLEMS WITH THE PARENTS)

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Описание товара

Вариант 4
Задание 1
Выберите правильный вариант.
1. … she …. This kind of music?
a. Is…like b. Does…like c. Do… like
2. When I … to the shop, I met my friend.
a. was walking b. walked c. walk
3. If you ask Ann, she … you what to do.
a. will tell b. tells c. told
4. It’s Sunday. You … go to school.
a. can’t b. mustn’t c. shouldn’t
5. The problem was … than we expected.
a. seriouser b. more serious c. as serious
6. She decided to ask … at the last moment.
a. me b. mine c. his
7. My brother gave the money … me.
a. in b. from c. to
8. I … hot. Open the window, please.
a. am b. is c. are
9. Moscow is … capital of Russia.
a. - b. the c. a
10. … Pacific is the largest ocean on our planet.
a. a b. - c. the

Задание 2
Прочитайте текст.
The majority of young people in Britain today accept most of the beliefs, customs and behaviour of their parents. But they have become much more independent since the Pop Revolution of the 1960s. At that time they developed their own separate culture: they started listening to different music, wearing different clothes, working out different ideas about life, using different words and behaving differently.
What parents think about their children-teenagers:
-that everything is wrong with today’s teenagers. They want to be treated like adults but they won’t take adult responsibilities. They just sit around, listening to loud music. They never listen to us. They don’t even like us. They and their friends just use the house like a convenient hotel and they wear these terrible clothes. Moreover they do it to upset us.
And what some today’s teenagers think about their parents:
-they are so boring. They want us to be like them and accept their way of life. They think about us like about criminals. They don’t like the way we look. They’re afraid what the neighbours will think of our hair and clothes. They treat us like kids - always ordering us around. They are jeal¬ous because we have a much better time than they used to have when they were young.
Maybe some easy rules could reconcile two sides:
- All members of the family must do an equal share of the housework according to age and ability. A list of duties will be put up each week.
- Children and parents have an equal right to free time.
- Children have a right to bring friends home whenever they like.
- Bedtime will be fixed according to age. Children of 15 may go to bed when they like.
- Parents must not break promises. Parents must not cancel plans suddenly. Parents must not criticize their children in public.
- Parents are not always right.

Ответьте на вопросы письменно.
1.What is the topic of the text?
2.What is your attitude to the older generation?
3.Do you think that the generation gap is natural?
4.Do you agree with any of the main points of this article?
5.What do you think about your parents?
6.Do you celebrate different holidays with your relatives or friends?
7.What are the advantages of living with parents?
8.What problems do teenagers have when they live with their parents?
9.What do teenagers think of their parents?
10. Why are parents upset?
11. What can help in solving the problem of the article?

Выберите правильный вариант.
1. According to the text, children accept most of...of their parents.
a.beliefs, customs and behaviour
b.stylo of clothes, make-up and hair-dos
c.cuture and independence
d.responsibilities and duties

2. How is the generation gap described in the text?
a.A pleasant coexistance of children and parents.
b.Independence of children and parents.
c.Working out understanding of two generations.
d.Misunderstanding between children and their parents.

Дополнительная информация

3. What does the older generation think of teens, according to the text?
a. They are unique and special.
b. Everything about them is wrong.
c. They pay more attention to their appearance.
d. They are more responsible.
4. What do teens think of the older generation, according to the text?
a.Parents want us to conform their culture.
b.Parents think we are boring.
c.Parents treat us like equals.
d.Parents tend to give us the freedom we need.
5. What is advised in the text?
a. Parents should always help their children in everything.
b. Parents shouldn’t care for their children.
c. Parents should treat their children as equals.
d. Parents should be more restrictive.


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