Английский, вариант 3 (What Is а Robot?)

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Вариант 3.
(студенты, чьи фамилии начинаются c букв С – Я)
Task 1
Make up Participle I and Participle II from the following verbs.
Model: to use – using, used
To try, to produce, to win, to translate, to break, to draw.

Task 2
Choose the correct translation of the non-finite form of the verb.
1. As they have a lot of money they have decided to help poor people.
a) …….помогать бедным.
b) …….чтобы помогать бедным.
c) ……..помогают бедным.
2. My friend dreams of buying a new car.
a) ……для того, чтобы купить.
b) ……о покупке.
c) ……купил.
3. This is the information obtained by our specialists.
a) …….получили информацию.
b) ……чтобы получить информацию.
c) …….полученная информация.
4. We tried to recognize the approaching person.
a) ……приближающегося человека.
b) …… человек приближается.
c) …….чтобы приблизиться.
5. This is a new method of cooking this salad, try it, please.
a) …….чтобы приготовить салат.
b) …….приготовили салат.
c) ……..приготовления салата.

Task 3
Find the non-finite form of the verb, define its function and translate the sentences into Russian.
1. Reading books in English will help you master this language.
2. Korolyov was the first to construct the rocket.
3. The National Championship was won by a young unknown sportsman.
4. Buying these goods you will help children from orphan home.
5. Her aim was to enter the University.

Task 4
Read and translate the text in written.
What Is а Robot?
А lot of people think of robots as machines that both do the work of humans and look like them. Strictly speaking, these devices should bе termed androids, from the Greek «andros» meaning “of man” and «aidos» meaning "form". А number of androids have indeed been created; but they have bееn mostly for amusement value.
How should we define а robot? А robot is а gadget which wholly or in part imitates man - sometimes in appearance and sometimes in action. Thus а machine which simulates, say, the action of а person´s limb сan bе called а robot. Likewise а machine that walks up and down and gives passable impression of smoking а cigarette cаn also bе bracketed in this category.

Task 5
Answer the following questions to the text.
1. What do most of people think of robots?
2. What devices can be termed androids?
3. What is a robot?
4. Does the Greek word “andros” mean “form”?

Task 6
Translate the following sentences.
1. At the end of the 19th century the use of cars was very limited.
2. Constant efforts are made to use standard components for the cars.
3. Many times A. Bell wanted to stop his experiments.
4. Stopwatch is used to time sport events.
5. Specialists wanted to find out if telephone communication was reliable or not.
6. Further development call for new specialists.
7. A lot of people came to look at a new invention.


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