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Английский, вариант 2 (ИНЖЭКОН)

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Вариант № 2.
(Выполняется студентами, фамилии которых начинаются
с букв О – Я).
Раздел 1. Лингвистический аспект
1.1. (8 x 1 points) Phonetics. Choose the words which have the vowel sound you hear in COME. Tick (√) the correct variant(s) in the boxes.
1: company
2: bone
3: boss
4: bore
5: comfort
6: compact
7: lorry
8: corporation

1.2. (7 x 1 points) Put in the correct articles if necessary. Write your answers (a(n), the, – ) in the boxes.
a)(1) … prices for this type of (2) … equipment are usually high.
b)We can offer you our cars at (3) … price of 20 $ per (4) … unit.
As it was (5) … trial order Rossexport found it possible to give (6) … Buyers (7) … 2% discount.

1.3. (8 x 2 points) Put in correct prepositions if necessary. Write your answers in the boxes.
a)We quote (1) … our machines 20 $ (2) … unit.
b)We have bought some carpets lately (3) … a lower price. – Then I’m sure their quality is worse than the quality (4) … our carpets. You will see it yourself if you come (5) … our shop. We are open (6) … 7 o’clock (7) … the evening. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied (8) … the quality.

1.4. (8 x 2 points) Put in a suitable verb in the correct form, “-ing” (A) or “to…” (B). Sometimes either form is possible. Write your answers (letters A or B) in the boxes.
1.When I have to catch a train, I’m always worried that I’ll miss it. So I like (get) to the station in plenty of time.
2.Have you got a moment? I’d like (talk) to you about something.
3.Do you mind (travel) such a long way to work every day?
4.Ann loves (cook) but she hates (wash) up.
5.I can’t stand people (tell) me what to do when I’m driving.
6.I don’t like this house. I would hate (live) here.
7.Do you like (drive)?
8.I very much enjoy (listen) to classical music.

1.5. (5 x 2 points) Rewrite the sentence using linking words given below. Think about its appropriate in the sentence. Write your answers in the boxes.
Both … and and also and …too
and … as well as well as
We offer good quality and cheap prices.

1.6. (3 x 1 points) Match word sets with the associated categories. Write your answers (A – C) in the boxes.
1: Financial terms
2: Engineering
3: Education
4: Religiona: debt, turnover, assets, dividend
c: run several lines, project, general layout, plant
b: freshman, exact sciences, curriculum

Раздел 2.
Английский для академических целей
2.1. (8x2 points) Written by John Henry Newman in 1852, the following passage presents Newman’s idea of the purpose and benefits of a university education.
I have said that all branches of knowledge are connected together, because the subject-matter of knowledge is intimately united in itself. Hence it is that the Sciences, into which our knowledge may be said to be cast, have multiple bearings on one another, and an internal sympathy, and admit, or rather demand, comparison and adjust¬ment. They complete, correct, and balance each other. This consideration, if well-founded, must be taken into account, not only as regards the attainment of truth, which is their common end, but as regards the influence which they excise upon those whose education consists in the study of them. I have already said, that to give undue prominence to one is to be unjust to another; to neglect or supersede these is to divert those from their proper object. It is to unsettle the boundary lines between science and science, to disturb their action, to destroy the harmony which binds them together. Such a proceeding will have a corresponding effect when introduced into a place of edu¬cation. There is no science but tells a different tale, when viewed as a portion of a whole, from what it is likely to suggest when taken by itself, without the safeguard, as I may call it, of others.
Let me make use of an illustration. In the combination of colors, very different effects are produced

Дополнительная информация

1. The main idea of the first paragraph is that
a.each science should be studied independently.
b.the sciences are interrelated.
c.the boundary lines between each of the sciences should be
d.some sciences are unduly given more emphasis than others
at the university level.
e.it is difficult to attain a proper balance among the sciences.
2. By the Sciences, the author means
a.the physical sciences only.
b.the social sciences only.
c.the physical and social sciences.
d.all branches of knowledge, including the physical and social sciences and the humanities.
e.educational methodologies.
3. The word excise most nearly means
4. By using the word safeguard, the author suggests that
a.it is dangerous to limit one’s education to one field or area of specialization.
b.it is not safe to study the sciences.
c.the more one knows, the safer one will feel.
d.one should choose a second area of specialization as a backup in case the first does not work out.
e.each science has its own specific safety guidelines.
5. The purpose of the second paragraph is to
a.introduce a new idea.
b.develop the idea presented in the previous paragraph.
c.state the main idea of the passage.
d.present an alternative point of view.
e.compare and contrast different branches of knowledge.
6. The word apprehends means
7. Which of the following best describes the author’s idea of a liberal education?
a.in-depth specialization in one area.
b.free education for all.
c.a broad scope of knowledge in several disciplines.
d.training for a scientific career.
e.an emphasis on the arts rather than the sciences.
8. The author believes that a university should
I.have faculty representing a wide range of subjects and
II.teach students how to see the relationships among ideas
III.teach students to understand and respect other points of view
IV. teach students liberal rather than conservative ideals
a.I and II only
b.I, II, and III
c.I and IV
d.IV only
e.all of the above

2.2. (18 points) Write about the following topic. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience. Write at least 250 words.
Some people believe that students aren’t learning enough in high school. Should school standards be higher? Explain your answer using specific reasons and examples.

Раздел 3.
Английский для делового общения
3.1. (10 x 1 points) Supply the correct order of the e-mail. Write your answers (letters A – J) in the boxes.
a: at 12.30 and the presentation is at 13.30. I know it’s
b:To: Sarah James
c: tight. There are often delays. Is there an earlier flight?
d: Sarah,
e: There is a problem with the outward flight. It arrives
f: Subject: Re: ExpoGift Presentation
g: possible to get there in an hour but I think it’s a bit
h: By the way, Sam says “hello”.
i: Ross
j: From: Ross McKenzie

3.2. (8 x 2 points) Structure the presentation. Write your answers (letters A – H) in the boxes.
1: ending the introduction 1
2: ending the introduction 2
3: beginning the main body 1
4: beginning the main body 2
5: listing 1
6: listing 2
7: linking: Ending parts within main body
8: linking: Beginning a new part
a: That’s all for the introduction.
b: So, first …To begin with…
c: So that concludes the introduction.
d: We can see four advantages and two disadvantages. First advantage is ….
e: That’s all (I want to say for now) on …
f: now let’s move to the first part of my talk, which is about …
g: Let’s move to the next part which is…
h: There are three things to consider. First … Second … Third …


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