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Английский, вариант 2 (How to Win Market)

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Описание товара

Вариант 2
Задание 1. Перепишите следующие предложения, определите в каждом из них видовременную форму и залог глагола-сказуемого (см. образец). Переведите предложения на русский язык.
1. Responsibility for manufacturing of this new product has been transferred from Japan to Scotland.
2. Individual partners are taxed on their share of earnings.
3. An applicant is someone who is being considered as a candidate for a job.
4. The price is influenced by different things such as credit terms, delivery, guarantieses, quality and so on.

Задание 2. Перепишите следующие предложения и переведите их на русский язык, обращая внимание на разные значения слов it, that, one.
1. One can also call a company a firm or a business.
2. When a company expands it means that it increases its products.
3. Small businesses often grow into large ones.
4. It is statistical analysis that is of great importance to planning.

Задание 3. Перепишите следующие предложения и переведите их на русский язык, обращая внимание на перевод условных предложений.
1. If we reduced the price more people would be able to buy this product.
2. If we hadn’t lost the chance we would have left behind our competitors.
3. Sales will increase if we carry out a good advertising campaign.
4. Were I the Prime Minister, I would try to control prices on gas, electricity and coal.

Задание 4. Перепишите следующие предложения и переведите их на русский язык, обращая внимание на бессоюзное подчинение.
1. The reports the auditors prepare annually should be available to the company’s stockholders.
2. Average costs of production are important to the decision of whether or not to stay in business.
3. The system of accounting we spoke about provides all the necessary information on inflow and outflow of the company.

Задание 5. Перепишите следующие предложения и переведите их на русский язык, обращая внимание на функцию инфинитива.
1. То increase the productivity of labor one must use the methods we have just described.
2. It is possible for a large corporation to pay high dividends on the shares.
3. The initial step in competitor analysis is to identify potential competitors.
4. One of the fundamental decisions to be taken by entrepreneurs concerns the geographical location of their enterprises.

Дополнительная информация

Задание 6. Прочитайте и письменно переведите 2-й, 5-й и 7-й абзацы текста.
chase - гоняться, охотиться
compelling - непреодолимый, неотразимый
bidder - лицо, предлагающее цену
dependable - надежный
primarily - главным образом
target - делать кого-либо мишенью
target audience - целевая аудитория
to take away (зд.) - удалять
How to Win Market
1. If you want to market your product abroad for the first time, you will find the task difficult. The international market is highly competitive, with very manufacturers chasing the same customers.
2. It is very difficult to take business away from current suppliers. To be successful, the newcomer must have a compelling offer to make the customer switch to his product.
3. In business and industrial marketing, there are three compelling things: price, function and source.
4. Price: A lower price can be a tie-breaker. A substantially lower price can be a compelling offer. But one shouldn’t think that the order always goes to the lower bidder. The product must always satisfy the function.
5. Function: The product must always perform the function for it is intended for and meet quality standards. However, in a world of rapid technological development customers are always looking for new products that do the job better, faster, more efficiently. This presents a good opportunity to Russia enterprises that can offer new products based on Russia advanced science and technologies.
6. Source: A company’s reputation for quality and reliability of delivery is increasingly important. It is quality and timely delivery that are essential to customers.
Purchasing people are primarily interested in price. Engineers are primarily interested in function. Management is interested in source. Marketing communications, therefore, must be on three levels: our prices are competitive, our products are good or superior, and our company is dependable. The extensive use of advertising builds in the minds of consumers the company’s image for quality.
7. Russia industrialists planning to enter foreign markets should examine which compelling offers they can make. Then they should carefully plan their communications programs to ensure that their message is heard and understood by the target audiences. In a market of many choices, the communications must be as competitive as the product itself.
If you want to enter a new market, you are to answer the questions:
1) Are you capable to produce the needed product?
2) How good is the service you can provide?
3) What marketing communications are you going to use?
4) Is your offer compelling?

Задание 7. Прочитайте 6-й абзац и дайте ответ на следующий вопрос:
What is important for customers?


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