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Английский, вар 1 (Banks and Banking)

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Описание товара

Вариант 1
1. Письменно переведите предложения на русский язык. При переводе обратите внимание на место предлога в русском языке:
1. His scientific articles are often referred to.
2. Do you think that these figures can be relied on?
3. The terms of agreement were insisted upon.
4. The desire of a customer to buy is influenced by packaging.
5. This method is much spoken about.
6. Our plan was objected to.

2. Письменно переведите предложения. Обратите внимание на место Participle II в качестве определения и способы его перевода:
1. People who have specialized knowledge are very valuable to the company.
2. Managers provide detailed instructions so employees know exactly what to do.
3. Marketing includes all the business activities connected with the movement of goods and services from producers to customers.
4. Once signed the contract can’t be cancelled.
5. The price mentioned was five per cent lower than that which had been paid under the previous contract.

3. Выделите придаточные предложения, подчеркните их и определите тип. Письменно переведите предложения:
1. Credit unions were started by people who shared a common bond such as working in the same factory or belonging to the same house of worship.
2. When you keep your savings in a bank, the bank pays you extra money, which is called interest.
3. Marketing can be divided into the four main elements that are popularly known as the four Ps: product, price, placement and promotion.
4. The producers who establish these prices are known as price leaders.
5. The question is whether he knows about her promotion or not.
6. The problem was that he didn’t possess negotiating skills.

4. Письменно переведите следующие предложения, обращая внимание на порядок слов в придаточных предложениях:
1. Had I known about the vacancy, I would have applied.
2. Rarely have I gained so much valuable experience in any work place.
3. No matter how hard we work, we’ll fail if we don′t adopt the new job.

5. Укажите в предложениях, в каком значении употребляются глаголы should/would. Письменно переведите предложения:
1. If we’d prepared properly, we wouldn’t have lost the contract.
2. You really should open a bank account.
3. When we were working for Link-up we would spend hours on the phone.
4. Business representatives insist that bank customers should save their money in the bank in dollars.
5. The manager suggested that I should be engaged in advertising problems.
6. He tried to persuade me, but I wouldn′t listen to him.

6. Письменно переведите текст на русский язык:
Banks and Banking.
When it comes to dealing with money, the banks provide a variety of services essential to trade and to the economy of a country. There are two main types of bank:
1. Central banks.
These are the institutions which control the banking of the entire country; they work together with the government to control the country′s economy. The central bank of the United Kingdom is the Bank of England, in the USA it is the Federal Reserve System, in single-currency Europe the European Central Bank, etc. The central bank has a number of different functions:
a) To issue banknotes and coins, the country’s currency. These notes and coins are legal tender in the country where they are produced; this means that traders in that country may not refuse them when they are offered as payment.
b) To look after the country’s gold reserves.
c) To make sure that the country′s currency keeps its value.
d) To act as bankers for the government and the other banks.
e) To keep inflation under control. Inflation happens when there is a lot more money (in the form of banknotes and credit) available than there are goods for sale (in other words, when demand for the goods exceeds supply). When this happens, prices increase sharply and often. To stop it, the central bank needs to take money out of circulation, for example by increasing interest rates (this ma

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e) To keep inflation under control. Inflation happens when there is a lot more money (in the form of banknotes and credit) available than there are goods for sale (in other words, when demand for the goods exceeds supply). When this happens, prices increase sharply and often. To stop it, the central bank needs to take money out of circulation, for example by increasing interest rates (this makes borrowing more expensive and means that fewer people will apply for credit), and by increasing the amount of money which all banks have to deposit with the central bank.
2. Commercial banks.
These areб the public or private banks which people use for their every-day money matters. If you have a bank account for example, it will be at a commercial bank.
There are three basic types of bank account:
• Current account. This type of account is used for everyday transactions such as paying bilk, transferring money and drawing cheques. You can have an overdraft on this type of account (that means you can withdraw more money than you have in the account, although you will have to pay interest for this service), but you don′t usually receive interest of the money you pay in.
• Deposit account. This type of account may be used for short-term, small savings; the money paid in earns a small amount of interest. It is not possible to draw cheques or have an overdraft on this type of account, but it is possible to transfer money to it from a current account.
• Investment account. Money paid into this type of account earns more interest, but the customer has to inform the bank in advance when he wants to withdraw his money. If it is a fixed-term account, he may not be able to withdraw the money for a certain period agreed with the bank (for example, five years). This type of account may be used for larger, long- term savings.


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