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Описание товара

Вопрос 1. Переведите текст письменно с помощью словаря.
What is American food? Hamburgers and hot dogs? Fried chicken and steaks? Well, yes. But Americans eat all sorts of food from all over the world. Mexican food is the favourite one for many Americans, but they love spaghetti, pizza and other types of Italian food. Chinese food has been popular with them for years. Now they often prefer fast food like hamburgers, hot dogs and French fries. Americans everywhere like to eat popcorn.
Families in the USA don´t often eat together at home. Often instead of asking, «What´s for dinner?» they ask. «Where are we going for dinner?»
Because of the fast-food industry hungry Americans can buy snacks like ice-cream, popcorn, hamburgers and hot dogs everywhere. There are many fast-food restaurants all over the country where people can have lunch. At lunch time most Americans eat on the run, so fast food is very popular. But it makes people fat. Americans call such food «junk food». Junk food is one reason the number of overweight people in the United States has increased. Not only do many people eat junk food, they also eat more food than they burn off as energy. This leads to weight gain. And nowadays the American people begin to think seriously about their physical wellbeing. Some people know that snack food is not healthy and they are now interested in healthy food. Instead of steak and ice-cream they are trying to eat fruit, vegetables and salads.

Вопрос 2. Прочтите текст без словаря и выполните задания к нему. Время выполнения задания 20 минут.
1. American colleges and universities are public or private. A public institution is owned and operated by a state or a municipal government. The government subsidies are not enough to cover all expenses. That is why the colleges and universities partially depend on student fees and on gifts. A private institution receives no financial support from the government.
2. About one-third of the nation´s institutions of higher learning (nearly 1,900) are state or city ones. About 1,200 are privately controlled. Approximately 700 of these are con­trolled by religious groups. At half of these institutions the students study languages, history, science and philosophy.
3. А college is generally defined as part of university. It is an institution of higher education which offers a course of instruction over a four-year period. A college grants a bachelor´s degree at the conclusion of studies. A college prepares the student for two things: study leading to master´s or doctor´s degree or a job immediately after graduation.
4. Students are classified as freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. A freshman is a first year student, a sophomore - a second year student. A third year student is called a junior, and a fourth year one - a senior. All students who have graduated from the senior class and who continue studying at a university are classified as advanced students or graduate students. Some graduate students receive grants which cover the cost of their education. A person on such a grant is called a university fellow.

Задания к тексту
1. Укажите, в каких абзацах текста (1-4) содержится информация (A-D) .
A. Senior students continuing study are called graduate students.
B. Religious organizations run several hundreds of educational institutions.
C. Private universities do not receive government subsidies.
D. A bachelor´s degree is received after graduation from a college.

2. Выберите вариант завершения предложения соответствующий тексту:
A college is
A. … headed by a Dean.
B. …not responsible for the doctor´s degrees.
C. …distinguished from a professional school.
D. …defined as part of university.

Дополнительная информация

3. Укажите абзац, в котором говорится о классификации студентов по годам обучения в колледже.

4. Абзац 4 рассказывает о(б)
A. …соревновании между студентами старших и младших курсов.
B. …экзаменах, необходимых для перевода на второй курс.
C. …требованиях к студентам, поступающим в колледж.
D. …финансовой поддержке стипендиатов-исследователей.


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