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Английский язык проф.для спец.«Мировая экономика» ч1

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Загружен: 19.11.2016
Содержимое: 0609.00 Английский язык профессиональный для специальности «Мировая экономика». Часть 1. Александров (9,27 Кбайт)


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Ответы на тест ДВФУ(бывший ДВГУ) программа тестиования Дидактор
Английский язык профессиональный для специальности «Мировая экономика». Часть 1. Александровская Л.В.
0609.00 Английский язык профессиональный для специальности «Мировая экономика». Часть 1. Александровская Л.В.
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_____________ a good accountant is a key step for the sole proprietor.
____________you ____________what I asked you to do?
__________you___________ your business plan already?
_________your secret is the best way to avoid its spreading.
A ´big business´ is defined as one that is independently owned and operated.
A career in a non-profit organization __________a variety of opportunities.
A guarantor promises __________the debt if the debtor does not pay it.
A new computer __________ yesterday.
After having announced the schedule, he opened the conference.
After having passed him the second time, she looked at him.
All of us stepped forward _____________our foreign partners.
American companies might think they____________ the same way.
By now things __________especially well.
Do you mind my calling you?
Do you want ___________your on business?
Economists _________conditions during both good and bad times.
Entrepreneurs ____________the favourable imprint on the US business in the passed century.
Financing _____________ once a most important marketing function.
Funds are organizations that ____________by citizens and (or) legal persons.
Having said that, he added nothing more.
He ____________ his business career this year.
He ___________a new device that will allow to lower the production price.
He demanded all the cars _________away.
He got used to sleeping on the floor.
He had nothing to do and left home.
He is expected to stay in Versailles hotel.
He is unlikely to suspect the client.
He must solve the problem by lending а car.
He stopped for a moment _____________ it all over.
He used _________to his classes every week.
He wants __________in the project people with good expertise.
He will set up his business if he (to find) money.
Her parents ___________her a car for her 21st birthday, for which she was extremely glad.
His eyes kept __________ around.
I _____________ the article two weeks ago.
I _____________him yesterday as I was so busy all day long to call him.
I ___________some new idea and suggest to discuss it at the nearest board of directors of the firm.
I cannot help liking that man.
I don´t mind your helping me.
I just __________him but it seems he is somewhere out.
I must not keep you ___________ hard.
I won´t make such a mistake, if I (to know) about it before.
If the products (to be delivered) on time, we´ll sell them at the opening fair.
If we (to invest) our money into a new enterprise, we ´ll have a chance to receive some profit.
In order to join a found job, women are delaying __________ children.
In the past we __________ this point in such a way that it could be clear.
It has nothing to do with our firm.
It involves __________ a realistic view of your abilities.
It is worth doing, I assure you.
It was thoughtful of you ____________the work beforehand.
It´s a good idea _________by explaining your idea.
It´s especially difficult _________ a good job.
It´s not necessary for a person to agree __________ a partner.
It´s worth going to the factory.
John went on ____________on his bad luck in business.
Joint venture.
Many Americans ___________shape the present American economy.
Many people start _____________for a specific job


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За положительный отзыв о купленном товаре продавец предоставит вам подарочную карту на сумму 4,95 руб..
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