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Английский язык(ОЮИ)

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Английский язык.uta
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... I want is rest.
... any furniture in the room?
... my brother and I were upset when we heard the news.
... that sign means the bridge is closed.
... two hours to get there.
... walking for three hours we were tired.
... you like to invite someone to come and stay with you over the week-end?
A vegetarian is someone ... doesn´t eat meat.
A very important part of the American ... system is the community college.
America was named after an explorer... was born in Italy.
Ann … television every evening.
Before you ..., don´t forget to turn off the TV set.
Can you tell us anything ... about this monument. .
Could you close ... window, please.
Do you watch TV...?
Don´t forget that we... to meet in the evening.
Grandma was sitting by the fire and ... a sock.
He ... the report for today´s seminar.
He couldn´t ... his fear of flying.
He didn´t ... a word about his plans.
He failed the test ... he had studied hard.
He hasn´t arrived yet, … he?
Her skin was ... snow.
How much money do you spend ... food each month?
I ... to the cinema for ages.
I can´t ... jazz.
I can´t say ... I liked the film very much.
I didn´t have the book that she ....
I didn´t know the answer because I ... the book.
I didn´t like the idea of ... to the cinema.
I have to study, so I ought ... in the reading hall.
I hope Mike will be ... than we were.
I made it quite clear that I had no ... of selling the picture.
I met Tom ... I was waiting for the bus.
I think by the year 2050 a cure for AIDS ....
I was too busy ... anyone.
I will give you my address when I ... somewhere to live.
I wonder when he ... back tomorrow.
I´d strongly ... against staying up late the night before an important examination
I´m thirsty, I´d like some cola, but we haven´t got ....
I´ve got ... issue of the magazine.
If I don´t know a word I ... in my dictionary.
If there is one thing I don´t like, it is ... tea.
In the South ... very hot in summer.
In the competition I was nervous and played ... than usual.
It is time for ... to come.
It was 10 o´clock. I ... leave.
It´s ... to cross the river in this place than over there.
Jane and I ... well with each other
Last night ... a terrible thunderstorm.
Last summer ... almost every day.
Listen to … sister!
Many drugs are not ... to the public without prescription.
Mike is looking for … job.
My sister ... medium height.
My sister is 15, I´m 20. She´s ....
My sister is short-sighted and she can´t … a person a few meters away
My sister went to England ... she could improve her English.
Nick wants the money. Please give ... to him.
She always works ... and does her best.
She has a very nice voice and always speaks ....
She was supposed ... here in the evening.
Spanish is the ... language of most Spaniards.
Steve asked Pete whether he ... skating.
Suddenly, I ... a loud voice behind me.
Thank you for the present. It was very ... of you.
That notice says you can´t ... here.
The ... windows opened into the garden.
The English language ... to ´Britain by the Anglo-Saxon who came from Germany.
The air hostess told the passengers to ... their seat belt.
The best thing ... is to discuss everything with your parents.
The boat will be sailing ....
The film wasn´t worth ....
The food will be wonderful if you follow the ... carefully.
The football match ended in a ....
The manager asked the worker ....
The palace ... to public in 1990.
The report will be ready... two days.
The river is... perfect place to spend a peaceful day fishing.
The smoke ... high into the air.
The students ... ever use the language laboratory.
The tennis match was cancelled ... heavy rain.
There is still much .


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