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Контрольная работа № 1.
1. Rewrite the sentences in the passive.
1) We hold a sales conference every year.
2) They have already cancelled the order.
3) They didn’t ask him if he wanted the job.
4) They are answering the complaints in writing.
5) Did anyone tell you about the meeting?
6) They will sign the contract in two days.
7) Are they always laughing at his jokes?
8) Someone will drive you to the airport.
9) Why didn’t the speaker dwell longer upon this question?
10) You must obey the company rules.

2. Open the brackets, using the correct form in the Passive Voice.
1) The old factory (close down) last year.
2 The staff (inform) of the new working hours this week.
3) The terms of the contract (agree) at the next meeting.
4) She (employ) on a temporary basis.
5) He didn’t accept the offers which (put) to him by the employment office.
6) Our corporate image (redesign) now.
7) Everybody was busy as a welcoming party (prepare) in honor of the distinguished visitors.
8) Look! There’s nothing here. Everything (take) away.
9) A note addressed to the boss (bring) in and (put) on the table to await him.
10) At lunch nothing (discuss) but the latest news.

3. Translate the sentences into English, using the Passive Voice.
1) Контракт подписали обе стороны.
2) Во время интервью ему задали несколько вопросов и велели подождать.
3) Когда ей наконец дадут эту работу?
4) О нём очень хорошо отзываются.
5) Проект был в основном одобрен, но дизайнеру указали на отдельные недостатки.
6) Судя по резюме, ему дали первоклассное образование.
7) Почему ничего ещё не сделано?
8) Вчера ему предложили новую работу, а она ему не нужна.
9) Его всегда любили, и ему всегда доверяли.
10) Обычно директора слушают с большим вниманием, но в этот раз его речь прервали.

4. Read the text and write down the translation of paragraphs 2, 3 and 4.
How to write a resume
Whether you call it a curriculum vitae, a cv or a resume, it basically comes down to the same thing: it should be a fairly complete description of yourself, since it is one of the major selling points of your professional portfolio. Here are important details on how to write a resume.
A resume is a one or two page summary of yourself; your skills, accomplishments, work experience, and education; all aimed at piquing your future employer´s interest. A resume is like life itself: it goes through many changes. It must be updated and tailored constantly. It´s important to make different drafts of your resume to come out with the best possible one, especially if you venture into different fields of work. If you are applying to different jobs, better yet, different industries, each resume requires a targeted evaluation of your skills according to the job in question.
Anytime we write a resume, we have to put ourselves in the shoes of the employer that´s rummaging through the stack of (probably unsolicited) resumes piling up on his desk. What he wants to do is cut through all the crap and get down to the good stuff - the resumes that stand out and are associated with qualified applicants. Employers want to know why they should hire you, as opposed to the hundreds of other applicants. You have to stick it in their face and let them know that you are the best person for the job.
The cover letter should be kept to a minimum in terms of information with a brief overview of yourself and should never be longer than a page. It shouldn´t unnecessarily repeat the information throughout the document.
This page should consist of approximately three paragraphs, in the following format:
First paragraph

Дополнительная информация

Second paragraph
This part includes relevant information in terms of your education, professional skills and pertinent abilities that would be of great use to the company. Don´t be afraid to throw in some numbers indicating that you increased productivity by 25% in your past job or efficiently reduced the advertising cost by 33%.
Third paragraph
This closing paragraph serves to provide the employer with straightforward personal information so they can reach you easily. Be sure to include your name, phone number, email, and fax number, if available. You want to give them every way to contact you and make it as simple as possible.
Remember that a well-written cover letter is a window into your personality more than your actual skills. This is a basis for employers to evaluate how your personality would mold with the company culture.
Along with the remainder of the document, the resume serves as a pop quiz where the employer uses your information as answers to the questions they need answers to.
Equipped with all the tools on how to write a resume that is foolproof, always keep in mind that the purpose of a great resume is to get an interview and a good job!

5. Match the words/word combinations to their Russian meanings:
1) tailored a) откровенный, прямой
2) to rummage b) формовать, лепить
3) pertinent c) иметь в виду
4) straightforward d) специализированный, заказной
5) to mold with e) надёжный, верный
6) foolproof f) тщательно осматривать, искать
7) to keep in mind g) относящийся к делу
8) to pique smb’s interesth) влезать в чью-то шкуру
9) to put oneself in smb’s shoesi) возбудить интерес

6. Write your own resume. Keep in mind that there are five main components you should have in it:
- Career Objective (this section serves to illustrate what your short and long-term goals as a professional are, and how you see yourself developing and honing your skills over the years.).
- Work Experience (be sure to include all your work experience in reverse chronological order. Include the following for every description: title of the position, name of the organization, location of work, date of employment).
- Education (degree, institution(s); major/minor classes; seminars; special workshops; related courses).
- Additional Information (your interests, computer knowledge, activities, language proficiency, etc.).
- References


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