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TEST № 6c.
8. Do exercise 6 on p. 44: fill in the blank with prepositions.
(1) The hotel may also provide facilities ... recreation. (2) ... Europe and America, inns and taverns were spaced ... the roads ... the distance a horse could travel ... a day. (3) Modem mass transportation, that is, the movement ... large numbers ... people ... relatively low prices, began ... the development ... the railroads ... the 19th century. (4) Another way ... categorizing hotels is the quality ... service they offer. (5) This system puts the top hotels ... a special deluxe category, .... others receiving ... five stars ... one star or "A's". (6) ... a luxury hotel, there may be three employees ... every guest room. (7) The proportion ... employees ... guests and guest rooms is also a matter ... prime importance. (8) Engineering and maintenance ... a small establishment may be done ... contract ... local firms, whereas a large hotel will hire its own staff ... these functions. (9) ... a large commercial hotel ... a big city, the ratio is usually closer ... one employee ... guest room. (10) The traveller usually had to share his bed .... least one other person, and as many as four other persons ... some remote areas.

9. Do exercise 7 on p. 44: get back to the text "The Accommodation Industry" and fill in the spaces with the proper words.
1. The word motel is a combination of the words ... and ....
2. ... include such things as shelter, food and special services for travellers.
3. ... and ... were places for the accommodation of travellers in Europe and America when most people travelled by horse.
4. A ... is an establishment that provides not only accommodations for travellers but also parking space for their cars.
5. A ... area is a place that people visit for recreational purposes.
6. A ... hotel provides accommodations for people who do not wish to keep house themselves.
7. The accommodations industry is ... because it employs a large number of people.
8. A hotel in the ... category may employ as many as three staff members per guest room.

3. Do exercise 4 on p. 46: translate into English the sentences.
(1) In Turkey annually built many resort hotels. They serve guests from different countries. Most of them correspond to international standards. (2) Hotel class "luxury" and "Deluxe" are usually located in the trendy area. They are designed to provide customers and business people. (3) Rooms in hotels Class "luxury" equipped with modern facilities and expensive furniture. (4) Motels provide customers with comfortable accommodation, dinner and parking lot. This is great for those who like to travel with your own car. (5) Resorts is almost always located in the picturesque corners - in the mountains, on the banks of a river or the sea, in the woods. (6) According to the European classification of all hotels are divided into 5 categories - 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 - star. The basis for this classification is the quality of the proposed services and amenities provided by the hotel. (7) The number of staff depends on the category of the hotel. The hotel class "luxury" one room can serve up to 3 people. In other hotels the number of staff varies from 1 person per room, and even one person for a few numbers.

4. Look these synonyms up in a dictionary and explain the difference between the three words in each group (if it is difficult in English. Explain in Russian):
e) to house, to take in, to welcome;
f) to assist, to attend to, to pamper;
g) magnificent, splendid, de luxe;
h) amusement, entertainment, relaxation.

5. Render the text about the Hilton Hotel on p. 51 into English.
HILTON on Park Lane
Built in 1963, the hotel prides itself on its location on the fashionable and prestigious Park Lane in the heart of Mayfair (Mayfair). Hotel has a view of Hyde Park, ...

Additional information

6. Do exercise 2 on p. 53: complete the dialogues with "will" or "be going to".
(1) - Have you decided how to spend the prize money? - Well I think we ... a new car, but we have not really decided yet. (Buy)
(2) - Have you decided how to spend the prize money? - Yes, we ... a new car. (Buy) ....

7. Do exercise 6 on p. 53-54: translate into English sentences № 2, 4, 6. 8. 10.
2) "Maritim Golf 4" represents an excellent opportunity for a relaxing and active holiday in every season. It is located on the shores of the Baltic Meria, surrounded by a park. The beach - a few minutes walk away. The hotel has a restaurant overlooking the sea, an English pub, indoor and outdoor pools, fitness center, 5 tennis courts, 2 golf courses, bowling alley 4, 2 bowling, beauty center.
4) Castle "Chateau de la Tremblaye" offers accommodation in rooms, exquisitely furnished in different styles, with modern amenities, with a beautiful view of the lake, the park or the pool. The hotel is ideal for family couples with children. B castle has rooms designed for special events and business meetings.
6) The hotel "Star" is located in the center of the city of Sochi. The new buildings are 2 and 3-room apartments "lux", two "business suites" class rooms "apartments" All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, minibar. 2 toilets with shower, hairdryer. It offers guests conference rooms, offices, a restaurant, a Ruf-rem, a lobby bar, a cafe .....

8. Study some brochures and
a) make a short description of any 3 hotels providing information about their class, location, facilities, size and rates (as it is shown on p. 50 in task 2);
b) Make comparisons of these three hotels using as many adjectives as you can (further from closer to. more, less likely, the most comfortable, least known, more expensive than the less expensive, quieter noise pollution. varied easily get the quickest service, tasty, worse, better, more familiar, more beautiful, safer).

9. Do exercise 4 on p. 58: fill m the blanks with prepositions.
(1) ... addition, smaller rooms, probably ... a variety ... sizes, are required ... workshops and seminars. (2) Attendance figures normally include only the people who actually register ... the convention and do not take ... account wives or other relatives or friends who may accompany the group members. (3) ... recently, most conventions were held ... one ... a few large cities that were also
10. Give synonyms (words with similar meaning) to these: "to display", "to ensure", "meeting room".
11. Do exercise 4 on p. 62: translate into English sentences № 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19.
1. The Congress Hall is located 5-10 minutes walk from the hotel, where participants will be accommodated.
3. The Conference Room can seat 800 delegates and 500 observers. It is fully equipped for simultaneous translation in six languages \u200b\u200bfor the slide show.
5. Several small spaces are available to those wishing to organize informal discussions on narrow topics.
7. Registration of participants will take place in the hotel lobby.
9. place to stay can be booked on campus.
12. Do exercise 5 on p. 62 and write a letter of convocation for some convention using the given letter as an example.
13. Write a promotional text of 6-7 sentences about a resort or hotel as a venue for conventions. Start by making notes about any special things you'd like to mention. Get back to task 36 above on p. 19.

14. Make up an itinerary for a 2-day post-congress tour.


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