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1 Прочитайте текст, ответьте письменно на поставленные вопросы
How To Get That Job
Before the interview:
 Find out as much as you can about the company.
 Think about questions which the interviewer might ask you. Plan how to answer them.
 Dress smartly.
 Don´t be late. If you are very early, have a coffee in a local cafe and look at your notes.
 Switch off your mobile and take two or three slow, deep breaths before you go in.
During the interview:
 When you walk in, shake hands firmly with the interviewer, look them in the eyes and say «Pleased to meet you».
 Answer the questions in a confident, firm voice. Don´t speak too quietly, too quickly or too hesitant.
 Answers should not be one word or one sentence, but also should not be too long.
 When answering questions, maintain eye contact with the interviewer. If there is more than one interviewer, give them equal attention.
 Give clear, direct answers to questions. If you don´t know something, say so.
 Don´t lie.
 At the end of the interviewer, you might be asked: «Are there any questions that you would like to ask us?» Make sure you have one or two good questions ready
 Above all, be positive and show enthusiasm for the job.
After the interview:
 If you don´t answer a question well in the interview, don´t be afraid to phone soon afterwards and say something like: «I don´t think I explained myself very well in the interview. What I wanted to say was....» This will show enthusiasm and it will remind them of you.
Ответы на вопросы:
1 What research do you need to do before the interview?
Find as much as possible about a company.
2 What kind of clothes should you wear to the interview?
3 What should you do if you arrive very early?
Have a coffee in a local café and go through your notes.
4 What should you do just before you enter the interview room?
Switch off mobile phone and take two o three deep breaths.
5 What should you do and say when you meet the interviewer?
Shake hands firmly, look into their eyes and say – pleased to meet you.
6 How long should your answers to questions be?
Not one sentence and not too long.
7 How should you answer questions?
Clear? Direct answers.
8 Where should you look when you answer questions?
Into their eyes.
9 What should your general attitude in the interview be?
Don’t lie.
10 What should you do after the interview?
Don’t be afraid to call and explain, if you feel that you wasn’t good enough during an interview.
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How To Write A Resume
A One of the pillars of American work-culture is the resume. A resume is a primary way Americans search for employment and companies hire prospective employees. Resumes represent who you are and what you can offer to a company. Since an American company receives many more resumes than available positions, it is critical that your resume imparts the most favourable impression possible about your experience and abilities.
B Resumes are usually limited to one or two pages. As prospective employees spend a very short amount of time looking at many resumes, it is critical to write your resume in a concise and organized way. Resumes are often written in a chronological manner to help employees navigate through information to an employer in a neat and organized fashion. An employer will likely lose interest in a resume which is full of errors and unorganized.
C The resume should convey two important things. First, your resume should inform an employer about your employment and contain work experience, educational history, awards and honours, any special organisations to which you belonged. This may give an impression of you as a potentially valuable enployer to the company. Therefore it is important to provide specific information about your experience including your responsibilities, dates of employment,

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