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Out of the Park Baseball 14 ( steam key region free )

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Out of the Park Baseball 14 ( steam key region free )

раритет. Игра более недоступна для покупки в Steam.
Major League Opening Day Rosters
Each version of OOTP comes with a roster set featuring the current season´s Major League rosters, including accurately rated real players from the majors right down to the rookie leagues! Take over your favorite baseball franchise and guide it to glory!

Historical Leagues
You can create your own historical league, based on any real-world season from 1871 through the most recently completed season, without having to purchase additional seasons! You can use historical leagues to "replay" seasons from history, or you can simulate them into the future, with real players entering the league automatically in the correct years. OOTP even automatically adds expansion teams at the appropriate teams. You can create your own alternate baseball history!

Fictional Leagues
OOTP gives you the ability to create your own fictional baseball universe. You choose the league setup, the rules, the schedule, and the desired statistical output. OOTP creates a brand new baseball universe which begs to be discovered. Want a 40-team league with 3 minor league levels in Canada? No problem! A small 8-team independent league with an age-limit located in South Dakota? No problem either. The possibilities are endless; the only limit is your imagination.

But it doesn´t stop there! You can combine any of the modes to truly turn your baseball dreams into reality. For example, import the 1927 Yankees and 1969 Orioles into the 2010 Major League and see how The Babe does against Josh Beckett. Or set up a league with the greatest teams from the US and Japan, competing for the ultimate championship. Or import individual historical players into your current fictional league - how would Ty Cobb do in your fictional world? OOTP is truly remarkable when it comes to fulfilling your baseball fantasies.


OOTP is a solo player´s dream. You can get sucked into the game for endless hours. But there´s no challenge quite as great as trying to fleece another human GM in a trade deadline deal! OOTP supports online leagues, many of which have been running for years now! OOTP also generates a vast quantity of HTML reports that the league commissioner can post online for all to see. Come visit our online league forum and see if there are any interesting openings!


No baseball game would be any good without a highly accurate simulation engine. OOTP Developments has created the most advanced and most realistic simulation engine available, incorporating modern statistical analysis and research such as the DIPS theory. The game engine and in-game artificial intelligence form a tandem that produces highly realistic statistical output, both on a micro-level (individual at-bats) and on the macro-level (league-wide statistical totals). OOTP isn´t like many console or other baseball games where the league leaders hit 120 home runs, or bat .495!


On a player level, OOTP tracks thousands of statistics for each player. How does your shortstop hit in a 2-strike count with the bases loaded? Who led the league in triples in 1972? How many runs did that star free agent center fielder save the past three years compared to league average? It´s all there.

On a league level, OOTP keeps a complete history available for you at any time. Which teams scored the most runs in a season? Who won the fielding awards ten years ago? Which franchise has won the most pennants? The game features an entire baseball encyclopedia, whether you´re using the Major League roster or your own fictional world!


Out of the Park Baseball puts you in the driver´s seat of the franchise of your choice. As the general manager, you´re responsible for everything that a real-world GM has to deal with. You assign the scouting budget, make roster moves, sign free agents, offer contract extensions, sign personnel, make tr


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