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Описание товара

Контрольная работа №2

1. Read and translate the text

When you describe your company, you may choose to give a brief, informal introduction or a full, formal presentation, depending on the context. The five headings below cover the important areas to include in a full presentation.

Start with the name and main business activity of your company, and the sector in which you operate (e.g. the consumer goods sector, the business-to-business sector). Say where the head office is located. Briefly mention the company´s origins, cover key milestones (including any major restructuring) and its size and structure today.

´Size´ might include the number of employees, or things like the number of stores. A technical indication of company size is your market capitalization (market cap). ´Structure´ might include reference to a business group that owns several companies, or to subsidiaries, or to separate divisions (e.g. organized by product categories).

At this point you may want to briefly describe the organization chart (organigram) of your company. Be careful: this can be very boring!

Give an overview of your product range, including any competitive advantages. Note that nowadays there is little difference between the words ´product´ and ´service´ (e.g. you can have ´financial products´).

Talk about the countries in which you operate. Also talk about your typical customers (for a standard product) or clients (when the product is specially tailored). This may include a reference to the market segment in which you operate

Key numbers include your annual turnover, your net profit after tax, and your market share. For an international company, break down the revenue according to regions or countries. It´s also interesting to know which lines contribute most to your revenue.

Is the overall market growing or shrinking? Why? What new technologies or social trends are shaping your market? What are your company´s plans for the future? Finally, you may want to talk about your own job.

2. Find a word in the text above that matches each definition below.
1 Events that mark an important stage in a process __________________________________
2 Organizing a company in a different way to make it more efficient____________________
3 (Two words; finance) the total value of a company´s shares __________________________
4 Companies owned or controlled by other, larger companies _________________________
5 A short description that gives the main ideas without explaining all the details ___________
6 (Two words) things that help a company be more successful than its competitors_________
7 Made for a particular purpose or person _________________________________________
8 Considering something as a whole; including everything ____________________________
9 Becoming smaller___________________________________________________________

3. Match the words and translate the word combinations.
1 market product
2 product trends
3 a standard
4 social share
5 R&D range
6 distribution network
7 cost products
8 substitute turnover
9 annual advantages

Дополнительная информация

4. Read the text and make up not less that seven questions of different types to it in a written form.
I work for a medium-sized, family-owned business. We offer specialized services to the construction industry. I personally specialize in lighting installations inside buildings. My background is in electrical engineering. I´m responsible for the initial contact with the client. I visit them at their offices and discuss their needs. My role is to talk to the architects and the developers, to try to persuade them of the importance of modern lighting design inside a building. I show them how it can create a good working atmosphere and add to a company´s image. I explain our track record in this field and show them a portfolio of other lighting installations that we´ve done.
Once the initial contact has been made and the client is ready for a detailed proposal, I take a back seat for a while. Somebody else looks at the detailed specifications for the installation and then another colleague researches the cost of the labour and materials. Those two people work under me, and I supervise their work quite closely.
Finally our legal department draws up the proposal. I oversee the whole process and sign off the proposal before it´s sent to the client.
There are a number of other people that I deal with on a day-to-day basis. We have an Office Manager who handles incoming calls, organizes my schedule and keeps on top of the filing and administration. And then outside the company I have close contact with the architects and with the project management team responsible for the whole construction.
I report to the Head of Business Development, and she reports directly to the CEO, so there are not many layers in the company and it´s not at all bureaucratic.
My work is challenging, of course, because it involves both a sales function and a technical function - and every project is different. But the atmosphere in the office is great. It´s very informal and I´m on first-name terms with everyone, even the CEO.

5. Write a profile of the company you work for using the information from the text above. You should include the following points:
a. History, size and structure
b. Main products / services
c. Market
d. Key numbers
e. Trends and plans
f. Your own job

6. Complete the Zara company presentation with the words and phrases in the box. Translate the sentences containing the inserted phrases.
affordable business model consumer tastes continued expansion founder income industry standard prime locations state-of-the-art turnover

Zara, part of the Inditex Group, is one of the world´s fastest growing retailers, with an innovative 1________________ that allows it to compete with quality brands but at much more 2________________ prices.
The 3________________of Zara, Amancio Ortega, opened the first Zara store in A Coruna, Spain, in 1975. It was a great success, and Ortega started opening more Zara stores in Spain. Working with computer expert Jose Maria Castellano they created ´instant fashions´ - the company reduced the time from design to distribution to just 10 to 15 days. (The 4________________at that time was several months.) They used 5________________production
and warehousing procedures, and installed computerized inventory systems to link the stores to the factories. All of this meant that they were able to respond very quickly to changes in 6________________ . During the 1990s Inditex entered a steady stream of new markets, and by 2000 had covered most of Europe. Today, Zara is present in over 70 countries, with a network of 1,200 stores in 7________________in major cities.
For the whole Inditex Group (which includes Massimo Dutti,


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