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Описание товара

I.Put the words from the list into the gaps:
Vacancy, applicant, weekend break, self-catering, exorbitant, reasonable, wages, perks, crossing, voyage
1)They had a relaxing ... on a luxury ship.
2)Waiters of our restaurant get ..., which are 30$ per one shift.
3)This weekend we’re going to Moscow for a ....
4)Is he a good candidate for this...?
5)I can’t afford this car, the price is really....
6)As ... you’ll have a free medical insurance and a company car.
7)... by ferry costs 50 euro.
8)A person who applies for any job is called an....
9)I need a tour at a ...price.
10)If you organize your tour by yourself, it’s called ... tour.

II.Match words with their definitions:
1.Trip a. is discreet and tactful
2.Tour b. money paid every month to managerial staff
3.Fee c. overnight visitor
4.Bonus d. money paid to manual workers counted hourly or daily
5.Diplomatic e. same-day visitor
6.Considerate f. short travelling to a place and back
7.Excursionist g. a long planned journey with visiting different places
8.Tourist h. money paid to a professional person
9.Salary i. thinks of other people’s feelings
10.Wages j. money added to pay as a reward

III.Guess word by its definition:
1)Money earned as a proportion of goods or services sold by an individual;
2)Type of tourism that involves non-residents travelling in the given country;
3)A short journey by car;
4)A paper that a travel agent issues when a client makes the full payment of a tour;
5)A document that lets people cross the borders.

IV.Find and correct mistakes in the following application letter:
Dear Sir,
I am writing for the post of junior manager at Gobi Desert Tours Inc. which I saw ... in this....
As you can ... from my CV I have recently obtained a diploma in tourism management from the Tourism Institute in Madrid after I ... a three-year course there.
Since I always wanted to work in the States in the travel business sector but ... to commence work until I was fully proficient in English I ... the last six months studying in London.
During this time I ... fortunate enough to find a part-time job in a local travel agency which .. in travel to the States and where I was able to develop my interpersonal skills.
I your vacancy as I believe that I can offer the drive and commitment necessary to persuading middle-aged holidaymakers to trek across the Gobi desert.
I enclose my CV and look forward to from you.

V.Write a letter of application for the position of Head Receptionist in the hotel Calderon. Use notes and examples from the page 16.

VI.Match words to form expressions, translate expressions into Russian:
a.Room 1. name
b.Profit 2. business
c.Selling 3. margin
d.Brand 4. break
e.Ailing 5. price
f.Sluggish 6. allocation
g.Weekend 7. competitor

VII.Translate the sentences into English:
1)Этот пятидневный автобусный тур по Европе стоит вполне приемлемо.
2)В своем резюме он не указал свое предыдущее место работы.
3)Он опоздал на собеседование и неуверенно отвечал на вопросы. Думаю, он нам не подходит.
4)Статистика туризма не включает данные об иммигрантах, дипломатах, кочевниках и представителей вооруженных сил.
5)При процедуре бронирования, не забудьте напомнить клиенту о последней дате платежа.
6)Тур оператор присылает подтверждение бронирования через несколько дней после получения предоплаты.
7)В обязанности тур оператора входит обсуждение цен и условий с владельцами отелей и перевозчиками, покупка мест в отелях и самолетах по оптовым ценам.

Дополнительная информация

VIII.Complete the dialogue, making the phrases of interviewer:
Interviewer: Good morning. Take your sit, please.
Candidate: Thank you.
C: John Swift.
I: ...
C: Yes, I sent it three days ago.
I: ...
C: I’d been working as a Receptionist in the Hotel Calderon for three years, then I was promoted.
I: ...
C: I checked our guests in and out of the hotel, made bookings, worked with guests’ queries.
C: I earned five hundred dollars per month plus bonuses.
I: ...
C: I think I’m suitable for this position because I’m stress resistant, communicative and tactful person.
I: ...
C: I have PC and management skills, I speak three languages.
IX.Write two letters from the page 11 (enquiry-reply).
X.Decide whether these statements are true or false. Correct the false statements:
1)A CV is written differently than a resume.
Верно: A CV or a resume basically comes down to the same thing.
2)A CV usually has 4 sections.
3)Covering letter is enclosed to a CV to make clear which job a person applies for.
4)Applicant is another word for candidate.
5)All gaps in dates should be explained.
6)Trainee is a person who trains others
Верно: Trainee is a person being trained, especially in a vocation; apprentice.
7)Work experience starts from the first job, in chronological order.

XI.Complete this conversation between a client and a travel agent:
C: I’d like to spend a few days in Rome.
TA: Can you ...when you...?
C: Next month, sometime after the 12th.
TA: Fine. And could .. how long...?
C: It depends on the price but preferably for four nights.
TA: Well, we have some very good offers at the moment. Will ...alone?
C: No, with my partner.
TA: Well, if you take this three-night package to the Flora Hotel it’s only 345 euro per person, for two people sharing a double room with shower. Let ... the brochure.

XII.Combine the similar dialogue between tour agent and a client.


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