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Text “The Climate of England”

The Gulf Stream, a warm current flowing from the Gulf of Mexico round the North of Europe, affects the climate of the West coast of Europe, the British Isles & Iceland.
In these western countries, summers are not so warm & winters are not so cold as in the rest of Europe.
Spring is the season when nature returns to life. Vegetation grows rapidly, for there are periods of sunshine broken by occasional showers. Clouds are conti-nually floating across the sky, & after the rain we see a magnificent rainbow.
It seldom gets unbearably hot in summer, as there is generally a cooling breeze from the South-West, but nevertheless the temperature may rise to ninety degrees in the shade (Fahrenheit, of course). The weather becomes sultry, the heat grows oppressive, & the air gets stifling. The sky is suddenly overcast with low, black clouds & distant peals of thunder indicate the approach of a thunderstorm. Later, dazzling flashes of lightning are followed almost immediately by a clap of thunder directly overhead, & it pours with rain. Anyone caught in the rain takes shelter, otherwise he may get wet to the skin.
After the thunderstorm the air is remarkably fresh. The thunder has cleared the air. We are in for a spell of good weather again.
In autumn the leaves turn yellow & reddish, & fall to the ground. Then most birds migrate to warm countries. Autumn is the season of mist, of windy days, of biting winds, of beautiful sunsets, & miserable chilly days when it drizzles.
A spell of sunny weather in October is called an Indian Summer.
The climate of the South of England is milder than the climate of Scotland. In the North, the winters are harder. When there are eight degrees of frost in Eng-land, they say that it is freezing hard, & everyone complains of the cold. This is because their damp climate makes them feel the cold more.
On a frosty morning the country is covered with hoar-frost. Icicles hang from the roofs of houses. The rivers & lakes are frozen over. The snow falls, but some-times it does not last long. The thaw sets in, the snow turns to slush, & walking is extremely unpleasant owing to the puddles of water in the streets, & to the constant fear of being splashed with mud by a passing car.
The English often grumble about the weather but you should not pay too much attention to an Englishman’s complaints about his own climate. The devil is not so black as he is painted.

Tasks to the text & to the topic:

1. Look through the text & find English equivalents for the following; use them in sentences of your own:
ослепительные вспышки молнии, здесь климат очень мягок, раскат грома, промокнуть до нитки, период солнечной погоды, птицы улетают в теплые страны, уделять много внимания, снег превращается в слякоть, осенью листья желтеют, влиять на климат, наступает оттепель, радуга, здесь невыносимо жарко, в тени, возвращаться к жизни, прохладный ветерок, воздух становится душным, приближается дождь, удар грома, быть застигнутым дождем, резкие ветра, жаловаться на холод, искать укрытия, снег превращается в слякоть, погода становится знойной.

2. Ask 6 General, 6 Alternative, 6 Disjunctive & 6 Special Questions to the text.

3. Change the following statements into exclamatory sentences according to the pattern:
Pattern 1. A) The evening is lovely today.
What a lovely evening it is today!
It is such a lovely evening today!
The evening is so lovely today!
How lovely the evening is today!
B) The weather was rainy yesterday.
What rainy weather it was yesterday!
It was such rainy weather yesterday!
The weather was so rainy yesterday!
How rainy the weather was yesterday!
a) 1. The weather is wretched today. 2. The night was chilly. 3. The day is bitterly cold. 4. The summer was hot.
Pattern 2. It is getting dark.
How dark it is getting!
It is getting so dark!
b) 1.
It was bitterly cold. 2. It is getting foggy. 3. It is stuffy in here. 4. It was raining fast.

Дополнительная информация

Pattern 3. We are having a fine day.
What a fine day we are having!
We are having such a fine day!
c) 1. We are having sunny weather. 2. We had nasty weather last week. 3. You have windy days in autumn. 4. We are having changeable weather.

4. Ask & answer. Choose the correct answer from the right-hand column.

What do we call
-weather conditions of a place or area.
-a light gentle wind.
-a sudden violent windstorm, often with rain & snow.
-a very strong wind blowing in a circle; any strong wind.
-water vapour at or near the earth’s surface, less thick than fog.
-thick water vapour which is difficult to see through.
-a heavy fall of rain.
-rain in small fine drops, thin continuous rain.
-conditions over a particular area, at a specific time with reference to sunshine, temperature, wind, rain, etc.
-a brief fall of rain.
-water falling in drops from the clouds.
-a small dirty pool of rain water, especially on a road.

5. Complete the following situations:
1. We had better stay at home, Kate. There is a thunderstorm approaching. Look,... . 2. I suppose the weather will turn wet because ... . 3. It’s pouring. What a pity I’ve left my umbrella at home, now ... . 4. The air is remarkably fresh because ... . 5. I don’t like autumn because ... . 6. When the thaw sets in, it is extremely unpleasant to walk because ... . 7. I’m sick & tired of the weather we’ve been having these two weeks. I think ... . 8. If you are asked what an Indian Summer means, you should say that ... . 9. What is the weather forecast for tomorrow? They say that ... . 10. The weather is changing. I’m sure we ... .

6. Insert prepositions or post-verbal adverbs where necessary:
1. ... the first heavy frost, the lakes & rivers become frozen ...; ... the morning you find a thin sheet ... ice covering them. 2. Snow may be expected any time ... November & ... March. The first snow often falls ... night. Nothing is more wonderful to a stranger ... a warm country than to wake ... one morning & find the whole world covered ... a white blanket. 3. It is getting unbearably hot. The temperature rises ... 30 degrees ... zero. The heat grows oppressive ... town. You long for a thunder-storm. At last it comes. The sky is suddenly overcast ... low, black clouds. The lightning flashes & distant peals ... thunder are heard. 4. You had better take your raincoat when going ... . The day is rainy & I’m sure it won’t clear ... . It is not at all pleasant to be caught ... the rain & get wet ... the skin. 5. Autumn is a rainy season & the weather is mostly dull. But there may be a spell ... fine weather ... September. 6. It has been pouring ... rain ... a week already. We are sick & tired ... it. We are anxious to know what the weather is going to be like tomorrow. Let’s listen ... weather forecast. 7. It’s unbearably hot even ... the shade today. Put ... your books & let’s go ... the seashore. It’s never hot there thanks ... the cool breeze ... the sea. 8. Look ... the strange & funny shape (форма) ... the clouds that are floating ... the sky. 9. Didn’t I tell you, Nick, not to play with the ball ... the garden ... rainy days? You are wet ... & splashed ... mud from head to foot again. 10. The doctors don’t allow her to go ... the South ... summer as a month ... the South may affect ... her weak heart. 11. Winter has set ... at last. It is 15 degrees ... zero. I think we are ... ... a spell ... frosty weather. 12. Don’t pay attention ... what she is saying. She is always grumbling ... everything.

7. Insert articles where necessary:
Weather Signs
Everyone talks & worries about ... weather. In England we are lucky really, because it is always changing, & although sometimes it is a nuisance to take
... raincoat whenever we want to go for ... walk, it is more fun to have ... varied climate than to live in ... country where you know that


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