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Контрольная по английскому №4. Вариант 1.

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Описание товара

Ex. I. Образуйте причастие I [Participle Г] или причастие II [Participle II] от глаголов, данных в скобках. Предложения перепишите и переведите.
1)Payroll is a list of people /to work - Participle I] at the enterprise and the amount of money /to receive - Participle II/ by them as wages.
2)When [to control - Participle I] the quantity of money /to circulate - Participle I] in the country, government can influence business activity.
3)Bank customers /to wish - Participle 1] to use automated teller machines for withdrawing cash from their accounts are /to give - Participle 11] /to code - Participle II] smart cards and personal code numbers.
4)The OPEC member countries may reduce the quantity of oil /to sell - Participle 11] in order to prevent the oil price from falling in the world market.
5)/To promote - Participle I] foreign trade, the governments want to expand the potential market for the goods and services /to produce - Participle 11] in their countries.
6)Unlike workers /to receive - Participle I] wages, a self-employed man receives profit.
Ex.2. Перепишите и переведите предложения, обращая внимание на разные функции инфинитива [Infinitive].
1)Robotic devices are used increasingly in a number of industries to perform simple operations, to improve speed and accuracy, and to lessen the chances of employment injuries.
2)The main functions of banks are to accept and hold deposits, to honor drafts and to give loans and overdrafts.
3)The value of the total output to be produced both in the public and private sectors will make up the gross national product.
4)To grow and prosper, the companies need low rate of inflation, low interest rates, economic and political stability, a healthy economy, as well as tax cuts.
5)As the company had generated high income by the end of the year, it was not necessary to borrow a long-term loan from a bank.
6)Auditors to be hired for checking financial statements must not possess any stocks of the company to be examined.
Ех.З. Перепишите и переведите предложения, содержащие инфинитивную конструкцию Сложное подлежащее [Complex Subject]. Подчеркните данную конструкцию в английских предложениях.
1)This Jarge multinational corporation is said to have been established as a sole proprietorship in the 18th century.
2)The banks were reported to be going to raise their interest rates.
3)The number of manutacturing workers is expected to decline with increasing use о robots and automated production systems.
4)hi Japan, employees are known to be traditionally very loyal to their companies, an job turnover is low.
A Japanese worker is likely to spend his entire working life on the job, which he take when just out of school.
5)The inflation appears to have a negative effect on investment climate in this country.
Ex.4. Перепишите и переведите предложения, содержащие инфинитивну конструкцию Сложное дополнение [Complex Object]. Подчеркните данну конструкцию в английских предложениях.
1)Would you like me to pay by cash or by credit card?
2)We heard your brother have won a considerable amount of money.
3)New technologies allow people having bank accounts to pay for their purchases in shops through videotext TV.
4)I tie government did not expect the tax reform to arouse everybody’s indignation.
5)Private enterprisers consider profitability to be the most essential condition of their business.
6)If you want your business to succeed, you should pay more uUention to marketing and advertising.

Дополнительная информация

Ex.5. Перепишите и переведите предложения, обращая внимание на многофункциональность глаголов to have и to he. Укажите ILX функции.
1)The government will have to impose ceiling prices on the essential goods to protect consumers with low incomes.
2)Loan capital is a part of a company’s capital, which is borrowed and is to be repaid with interest at a specified time. Equity capita! is a purl oi a company’s capital belonging to the owners of the business.
3)As these commodities were in poor demand, the producer hrnl to decrease their prices.
4)One of the main principles of tree market economy is to give individuals motives for economic activity.
5)Swiss banks have a reputation for their policy of siriet privacy, which has allowed them to attract customers from all over the world.
Ex. 6. Перепишите и переведите следующие словосочетания, обращая внимание на способы выражения определений. Укажите, чем выражено определение — существительным, прилагательным, причастием /, причастием II, герундием, инфинитивом.
1)commodities offered at the market6) consumers choosing the cheapest goods
2)money to be invested in the company7) ways of increasing laborproductivity
3)cost and price difference8) fast-food system
4)growing demand for agricultural products 9) debts to be paid on time
5) primitive system of exchanging goods10) recently bought machinery
for goods
Ex, 7. Определите к какому типу относятся следующие условные предложения, перепишите их и переведите на русский язык.
1)The buyers informed the suppliers that they would double the order provided the price wi. i l- reduced by fifteen per cent.
2)If little wheat is produced this summer, additional grain will be bought to meet the demand on the domestic market.
3)Had I known that the post was vacant, 1 would have applied for it.
4)If every country in the world used the same currency, international trade would be made much easier.
5)The company would have earned more revenue if its managers had considered all :ispects of business activity thoroughly.
Ex.S. Прочитайте текст, устно переведите его и выполните упражнения, данные ниже.
[Г/ Money plays a vital role in the modem economy. It has three main functions: (1) a medium of exchange - people buy or sell goods and services in exchange for money, workers exchange labor for money as well; (2) a unit of account money is used as a unit in which prices are quoted and accounts are kept; (3) a store of value money can be used for storing wealth.
Almost every society now has a money economy based on coins and paper banknotes of one kind or another. However, this has not always been true.
[2]In pre-industrial societies, a system of barter was used, i.e. goods and services were exchanged directly, without using money. Mr. A, for example, exchanged his product, shoes, for a shirt made by Ms. B. Or both exchanged their products, shoes and shirts, for ten pounds of wheat grown by Mr. C. But if both Mr. A and Ms. В want wheat, but Mr. С does not want shoes or shirts, how can an exchange be made?
[3]In a 20th-century society with millions of people and hundreds of thousands of products and services, the barter system becomes impossible. To get rid of barter and to simplify exchange, money was invented.
Money appeared more than 4,000 years ago. People who wanted to trade goods and services gradually realized that exchange would be easier if there were some single commodity that everyone would accept as valuable. An incredible variety of items has served as money at various times and places, but all can be classified as either commodity money1 or fiat money2.
[4]Cattle, grain, teeth, tobacco, feather, salt, sheils as well as precious metals are commodity money. Precious metals - gold and silver, to be exact - have advantages over other kinds of commodity money because:
•they have universal purchasing power everyone agrees they are valuable;


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