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Контрольная по английскому №1. Вариант 2.

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Описание товара

Вариант 2.

I. Прочитайте и устно переведите на русский язык весь текст. Переведите письменно первый абзац.

Job Ads
Checking out job advertisements is popular with executives worldwide. But though the activity is universal, is the same true of the advertisements? Are executive positions in different countries advertised in the same way? First, what UK job seekers consider an essential piece of information what the post pays – is absent from French and German adverts. Most British advertisements mention not only salary, but also other material incentives including a car and fringe benefits. French or German advertisements rarely refer to these. The attention given to rewards in the UK indicates the importance of the job and its responsibility. In France and Germany, that information is given by the level of experience and qualifications demanded. Salary can be assumed to correspond with this.
If French and German adverts are vague about material rewards, they are precise about qualifications. They usually demand ‘a degree in..’, not simply ‘a degree’. In Germany, for example, a technical director for a machine tool company will be expected to have a Dipl.-ing. degree in Mechanical Engineering.
French advertisements go further. They may specify not just the type of grande ecole degree, but sometimes a particular set of institutions.
All this contrasts with the vague call for ‘graduates’ (or ‘graduate prefered’) which is found in the UK. British companies often give the impression that they have a particular type of applicant in mind, but are not sure about the supply and will consider others. Their wording suggests hope and uncertainty.
In the UK qualifications beyond degree level make employers nervous, but in France or Germany it is difficult to be ‘overqualified’.

II. Определите, являются ли утверждения:
а) истинными
b) ложными
c) в тексте нет информации

1.Job advertisements are the same in different countries.
2.Job advertisements differ in three European countries.
3.Job advertisements differ in Europe and the US.

Внесите ваши ответы в таблицу.

1. 2. 3.

III. Найдите лексические эквиваленты к выражениям из текста.
Внесите ваши ответы в таблицу.

1.job advertisementa.

an additional advantage given with a job besides wages

2.executiveb.smth that encourages you to work harder

3.job seekerc.set of information about a job that is available

4.salaryd.a manager in a company who helps make important decisions

5.incentivee.someone who has completed a university degree

6.fringe benefitf.training, diploma that qualifies a person to do or be smth

7.experienceg.a person, company or organization that employs people

8.qualificationh.someone who is trying to find a job

9.‘graduate’i.knowledge or skill that you gain from doing a job

10.employerj.money that you receive as payment from the organization you work for
IV. Определите основную идею текста.

1. Job advertisements are the same in different countries.
2. Job advertisements differ in three European countries.
3. Job advertisements differ in Europe and the US.

V. Расположите фразы диалога в правильной последовательности. (Соедините цифры и буквы) Внесите ваши ответы в таблицу. Перепишите диалог в правильном порядке.

a) Thanks very much
b)Hello, is Martha there?
c)I’ll transfer you to Silva.
d)Is there someone I can speak to about applying for the course?
e) I’m sorry she’s in a meeting.

VI. Расположите части делового письма в правильном порядке. (Соедините буквы и цифры) Внесите ваши ответы в таблицу. Перепишите письмо в правильной последовательности.

a) Dear Mr. Smith

b) 25 Wellington Rd
London NW10 4PZ
United Kingdom
Telephone 4946130
17 September 2012

Дополнительная информация

c) Mr. Adam Smith
Branch Manager
Citi Bank
28 Beech Avenue

d)Awaiting your reply.
Yours sincerely,
Andrew Bogart

e) Following the recent telephone conversation that I had with Mrs. Adams, I am confirming the complaint that I made to her concerning the £ 60 overdraft charge that your bank has mistakenly debited from my account.
As I explained to her on the phone, my account has in fact always been in credit.
She promised that she would look into the problem and get back to me. However, I have heard nothing from her since.
I hope that you will be able to rectify the situation as soon as possible.


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