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1. Everyone in the room laughed at my foolish mistake, and I laughed _____.

2. I wish the weather would get better. I am tired _____ having to be indoors all the time.
A. of B. about C. with D. in

3. I would like _____ you and some of my other friends for dinner some time.
A. invite B. to invite C. inviting D. invited

4. If she _____ not so absent-minded, she wouldn’t made this silly mistake.
A. is B. will C. had made D. were

5. I think my teacher would be upset if I _____ a day of class.
A. miss B. would miss C. missed D. will miss

6. What do you think the man would do if he _____ someone was trying to pick his pocket?
A. knew B. knows C. would know D. would knew

7. She explained that she _____ me her book; she should take it back to the library the next day.
A. couldn’t give B. is not able to give C. can´t give D. gives

8. Mark replied he didn’t think Jane _____ by the following Sunday yet.
A. would arrive B. had arrived C. would have arrived D. arrives

9. Mark told Nancy that he _____ his dog at last, and the worried expression began to disappear from his face.
A. found B. had found C. must found D. founded

10. In my interview I asked Celia Young why _____ another romantic novel.
A. she had written B. she wrote C. had she written D. wrote she

11. Could you _____ me a favour and look after the children after school, please?
A. made B. get C. do D. let

12. If you ______ that expensive car, you ___ enough money to go on holiday.
A. buy / won’t have B. bought / don’t have
C. don’t buy / won’t have D. buy / have

13. Henry worked for the bank ____ 2001 and 2006.
A. from B. between C. while D. until

14. George was born into ____ ordinary middle-class family at ___ end of ___ nineteenth century.
A. an, the, the B. an, the, a C. an, the, - D. an, -, the

15. The police officer ____ the robber to put down his gun and put his hands above his head.
A. ordered B. advised C. reminded D. begged
16. Leo and Rose left the cinema because the film was_____.
A. bored B. boredom C. boring D. to bored

17. Jim doesn’t know Russian well enough _____ with you.
A. to speak B. to be speaking C. to have spoken D. to spoken

18. The new teacher is ____ than the previous one.
A. many better B. many good C. much better D. a lot of good

19. It is not enough to have a good mind; the main thing is _____ it.
A. to have used B. to use C. to be using D. to using

20. This work is easy; it may _____ by a child.
A. to have done B. do C. to be done D. be done

21. Don’t disturb her. She went to bed very late. She may still _____ .
A. have been sleeping B. sleep C. sleeper D. be sleeping

22. No words can describe the fascination of the place. It must _____ .
A. be seen B. see C. have seen D. to see

23. We´d like to buy a new house, but new houses are _____ than older ones.
A. the most expensive B. expensive
C. much more expensive D. expensiver

24. Tim is not at all talkative; he always keeps his thoughts to himself. He is ______ guy I’ve ever met.
A. the most reserved B. more reserved
C. reserved D. the reservest

25. If only I _____ school when I was fifteen, I _____ a lot more money.
A. hadn’t left / ’d earn B. don’t leave / won’t earn
C. left / ’d earn D. studied / ‘d earned

26. Could you get ________ drinks when you go to the shops, please?
A. a B. - C. any D. some

27. It was ________ great film that we saw it twice.
28. It was a very bad mistake. In fact it was _____ mistake she had ever made.
29. He didn´t want anyone to see him so he took a seat in _____ corner of the room.
30. I am not at all sure if Arthur is really interested _____ the truth.


Дополнительная информация


profit; integration; society; supporter; force; interpret; government; environment; prosperity; trade

Globalization is a controversial issue for business and _______ (31) throughout the world. Globalization can be described as a process by which the people of the world are unified into a single _______ (32) and function together. This process is a combination of economic, technological, sociocultural and political _______ (33). It´s a movement of people, goods, capital and ideas due to increased economic _______ (34).
Globalization is a controversial issue mainly because different groups _______ (35) it in different ways. For its opponents globalization is a threatening word. It prompts visions of large multinationals dominating the world in pursuit of ever-higher _______ (36). Many pressure groups fear that globalization threatens the _______ (37) as well as national cultures - they predict that it will make the rich nations richer and the developing countries even poorer than they are. But its _______ (38) have another point of view. They believe that increasing and freer _______ (39) between nations will offer _______ (40) and economic growth for all countries and businesses.


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