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Gears of War 4 XBOX ONE / WINDOWS 10 ( WORD FREE) key

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Описание товара

Gears of War 4 XBOX ONE / WINDOWS 10 ( WORD FREE) key Gears of War 4 XBOX ONE / WINDOWS 10 ( WORD FREE) key Gears of War 4 XBOX ONE / WINDOWS 10 ( WORD FREE) key Gears of War 4 XBOX ONE / WINDOWS 10 ( WORD FREE) key Gears of War 4 XBOX ONE / WINDOWS 10 ( WORD FREE) key

After payment, you will immediately receive a license key Gears of War 4 Standard Edition XBOX ONE / WINDOWS 10 for all countries and regions (GLOBAL).

One of the most successful series in video game history continues. You will find a new saga! Supports Xbox Play Anywhere: Play on Xbox One and Windows 10 at no extra charge.

The video game Gears of War 4 - continuation of the legendary action. After 25 years after the events of the previous part of humanity is attempting to recover from a devastating war with alien invaders and build a new civilization on the ruins. But not all is quiet in the world - the rebels believe that the newly formed government is trying to establish a rigid dictatorship, the planet is on the brink of ecological disaster, and the aliens are not abandoned their attempts to achieve universal domination ...

It is not necessary to participate in this war alone - you can invite other gamers for passing a joint main campaign or team up with three other players to repel 50 waves of attacks.

The game has 9 modes of battles with other gamers, each of which allows you to show the rate of reaction, tactical skills, and other qualities. For multiplayer mode supported dedicated servers, supporting the exceptional stability of the compound.

The user can choose one of three characters together in the game to give the original abilities and skills. In addition, it is available a lot of weapons - from the modified building tools to deadly sniper rifles and rapid-fire machine guns.

- Do you have an account or profile Microsoft Xbox Live? Simply log in with their credentials on xbox.com/redeemcode page and enter the 25-digit code.
- You have not yet registered on the site? Visit xbox.com/live page and follow the instructions to create a new account, then enter the 25-digit code.
- For more information about the redemption code on the Xbox console, see page xbox.com/howtoredeem-console..
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