CrazyTalk 7 Standard for Mac + Bonus LICENSE KEY

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CrazyTalk 7 Standard for Mac + Bonus LICENSE KEY CrazyTalk 7 Standard for Mac + Bonus LICENSE KEY

The world´s most popular facial animation tool & Macworld´s Best of Show 2013


★ Macworld Best of Show 2013
★ Mac App Store Best of 2012
★ Auto-animate images with your voice
★ Simply turn any image into a talking 3D character

CrazyTalk7 is the MOST POPULAR facial animation tool that uses sound and text to vividly animate facial images. With this groundbreaking Auto Motion technology, you just need to import images, specify the facial feature points and record your own voice to automatically generate lip-syncs to create 3D life-like, talking videos.


1. Anyone can animate talking pets, sketch drawings, baby photos or inanimate objects to create fun and interesting videos in minutes.

2. You can communicate in a fresh way with visual messages, animated holiday greetings, or lively presentations that grab everyone’s attention. You can even upload to the CrazyTalk app to share and animate on popular iDevices.

3. Students and educators greatly benefit by conveying information, arousing interest and participation in a fun and natural way.

4. The powerful editing tools allow professional animation for music videos, storytelling, comic/cartoon generation, and more!


“Thank goodness CrazyTalk for Mac has been released. Now I don’t have to restart my mac into bootcamp. CrazyTalk has been the best tool for Facial animation on Jimmy Kimmel live for years for the simple reason: the script can always change at the last minute. CrazyTalk keeps up!” – Jesse Griffith, Animator – Jimmy Kimmel Live, ABC Television Group

“I LOVE the new CrazyTalk for Mac! It has finally arrived on the right platform for creatives to explore the boundaries of their imagination. CrazyTalk7 is an elegant and sophisticated facial animation app that will quickly become the secret weapon of animators and storytellers. Finally after a LONG wait CrazyTalk is available for the Mac!” – Eric Rosner, Illustrator

Pulpit rock


★ Turn any image into a talking head
★ Auto-Lipsync with your own voice
★ Use auto-motion technology
★ Create custom facial puppeteering
★ And more


★ Export videos or images in different sizes and ratios.
★ QuickTime videos codecs: Resolution up to 1920×1080.
★ Image sequences in alpha channel (BMP, TGA, and PNG).
★ Upload actors and projects to the CrazyTalk app to animate and share on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.


4GB of RAM (8GB recommended)
OpenGL-capable graphics card or Intel HD Graphics 3000 or later
256MB of VRAM (512MB of VRAM recommended)
Display with 1280-by-768 resolution or higher
2.4GB of disk space
OS X v10.6.8 or OS X v10.7.5 or OS X v10.8.2 or later
For JPEG, ProRes codecs need OSX 10.7.5 above

Дополнительная информация

Follow the instructions below to activate your software:

1 Copy your serial code above.
2 Click the Download Link above to download your software.
3 Once downloaded, install your software.
4 During your installation process paste in your serial code where is asks you for your "Serial Number". Click continue.
5 Complete your installation process and open up your software. You´re software activation is complete.


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