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Many customers see cash dispensers as a welcome alternative to making withdrawals at the counter. Here is an extract from a brochure which Barclays Bank gives its current account holders to explain how their machines work.
Barclays cash dispensers
Quick and easy access to your account
Barclays cash dispensers form part of a network of over 5,200 machines in the UK, enabling you to withdraw cash from any cash dispensers belonging to Barclays. Bank, Lloyds Bank; The Royal Bank of Scotland and the Bank of Scotland. Use of the Barclaybank network is free and our cash dispensers are operational night and day. So you can use them at any time you want.
And we are continuing to expand this network by installing cash dispensers in places which are most convenient for you; for example, supermarkets, motorway, service stations, hotels, hospitals, company premises and airports. Both our Barclays Connect and Barclaybank cards enable to access your current account through the cash dispensers. If you would like to for a card, simply complete the attached application form and take it to your branch. Once your application is approved you should receive your card within 14 days.
Having successfully applied for a card, you will be given your own Personal Identification Number (PIN), known only to you and the .Bank’s central computing system. This number is used in conjunction with the card to obtain access to your current account or Barclaycard account.
No one can access your account, as your PIN is known only to you,
Your PIN is exclusively for your own use and must never be disclosed to anyone else.
How does the cash dispenser work?
We’ve made sure that all Barclays cash dispensers are quick and easy to use. So simple that it rarely takes more than a minute to complete your transaction. Once you’ve put your card in, the machine gives you step-by- step instructions on how to use it. The machine then returns your card, ready to use again whenever you need it.
If you are hot quite sure how to operate the machine, just call into your local branch, where they will be pleased to explain how it works.
How can I check the transactions I make?
When you use a Barclays cash request an advice slip which records the date, the location and the amount of cash you have withdrawn. This information is also recorded on your bank statement which enables you to double-check the details, whichever type of machine you use.
What if I lose my card or have forgotten my PIN?
If you lose your card or believe that your PIN is known to someone else, you must let the Bank know immediately. You can inform any Barclays branch during office hours or telephone the 24 hour number.
Usage of the card will then be stopped immediately.
If you have forgotten your PIN, just contact your branch. They will be happy to Instruct the computer system to remind you of your PIN or issue you with a new one. Please note that cards are occasionally retained by cash dispensers for one of the following reasons:
•they are out of date
•an incorrect PIN has been punched three consecutive times
•the Bank has been informed that the card is lost or stolen
•you fall to respond, after 20 seconds, to a machine prompt asking If you want more time.


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