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Applying for a Job (перевод текста и резюме)

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Описание товара

Applying for a Job
Applying for a job you need to fill in and compile some papers: a Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume (American English), Cover and Thank-You letters, an Application Form. There are no fixed international formats about these papers, but the basic information given there is the same. Information, which includes your suitability to the job, should be highlighted. If you have had previous experience in various phases of employment, it may to be your advantage to have two-three different CVs, each emphasizing a different area of competence.
It is a standard practice to begin the CV with personal data. Essentials such as your name, address, social insurance number, home phone number and business phone number (recommended only if your present employer is aware of your job search). Facts, such as your date of birth, mental status, and number of dependents, may also be included.
An option, which may be included in your CV, is a brief explanation of your career objective or goals. This is usually included following personal data. If you have only one version of your CV, it may be best to include this section in a cover letter so that you can tailor in to the specific position for which you are applying.
The structure of the next portion of your CV will depend a great deal on the extent of your work history. If you are a recent graduate with limited business experience, begin with your education first. Highlight achievements and honours, and note extracurricular activities. Expand on any courses you took which are relevant to the position you desire, or specialized training you may have participated in. Progress to your part-time or summer employment, and indicate responsibility and achievements.
If you possess a strong background in the work, you should begin with your work experience first. Information provided here will include a job title, name of employer, address, date of employment, and a brief summary of duties. Emphasize responsibilities and highlight personal achievements, advancement and recognition. Your list of positions should be in reverse chronological order, so begin with your current employer.
Next, your Curriculum Vitae could include a brief section designed to give employers an insight into your leisure and non-work activities. You might include: clubs or professional association
community volunteer work
sports and hobbies.
Finally you could list references. It has become acceptable practice to write “References: Available upon request” since addresses, titles, phone numbers are subject to change. Choose references carefully and always get permission to use their names as references.
Thus, a Curriculum Vitae must contain a summary of essential facts about your background:
1. Personal details. 2. Career objective. 3. Work experience. 4. Education. 5. References.
Here is a sample of a Curriculum Vitae:
Personal details
NameRobert Brown
Address4 Ash Grove Road, Anytown, OT2 7IR
Tel: 0666 364582
Email: robert/Etakta.ssu.co.uk
Date of birth12/10/76
Marital statusSingle

Personal profile
I am reliable, well organized, and used to working on my own initiative. I am able to prioritize my workload. I am comfortable working on my own or as part of a team.

Key skills
Familiar with Microsoft Word and Excel Good problem solver
Confident communicator Self-motivated
Able to cope under pressure Fluent in German
Clean driving licence

Work experience
2000 – Present Marketing Assistant, Success Solutions Unlimited, Manchester. Duties include planning and implementing all advertising and promotion, responding to enquiries, monitoring student performance
1998 – 2000Teacher of English, Churchill School of English, Munich, Germany
August 1996 One month placement in the sales department of Newton Publishing, London


Дополнительная информация

1994-1997 London University: BA in English Literature and Language
1997-1994Minster College Secondary School, Wells8 GCSE, 3 A levels: English (A), German (B), Art (C)

Football, sailing, reading, landscape painting

Available on request


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