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Описание товара

I. Прочитайте и письменно переведите на русский язык следующий текст:
First Impression
Hi, my name is Lars. I am 18 years old and come from England. I am a student at the Academy, where I study management. I spend one week of each month in different departments so that I learn various aspects of my future work. I am not a freshman. I am a second year student.
I get up early each morning and drive ten miles to my academy. I still find the time to learn German and French. In my spare time I like to go skiing and enjoy all water sports.
And now I am going to tell you about my family. We are a family of three. To begin with, I am going to talk first about my father. His name is Nick, he is 45. He works as a surgeon in a hospital. He is neither old, nor young. He is a good-looking man, handsome, rather thin with dark brown hair just beginning to go grey. He is a very sociable person. What I don´t like about my dad is that he is always busy. Very often he works overtime. He is a bread-maker in our family. He is fond of going to the country on week-ends, because he enjoys working in the garden.
My mother´s name is Mary. She works as a teacher at a nursery school. My mother is rather slim and pretty, she is always elegant and smart. In short, she is a pleasant-looking woman of about 40. She always has a lot of work to do both at school and about the house. She is fond of her work and spends a lot of time there. But she has to cook the food for all the family at home. Shopping and cooking are nearly half a day´s work for her.
My family has a house on the Adriatic coast, so we all go there every summer for a month. I am very interesting in environmental issues, and would like to meet students from other countries who share my views.

II. Ответьте на следующие вопросы:
1.Who is a bread-maker in a family?
2.Where does Lars’s mother work?
3.Where does a family have a house?
4.Whom would Lars want to meet from other countries? Why?
5.What does Lars like doing in his spare time?

III. Напишите множественное число существительных. Объясните употребление каждого случая на русском языке.
trade –foodstuff – goods –
country –economy –barrier –
service –machinery –aviation –

IV. Напишите степени сравнения прилагательных. Объясните употребление каждого случая на русском языке.
important –little –big –
large –long –bad –
good –complete –chief –

V. Задайте 4 типа вопросов к следующему предложению.Объясните употребление каждого случая на русском языке.
An increasing proportion on trade has been with other European Community member countries.

VI. Напишите следующее предложение в отрицательной форме.Объясните предложенный вариант на русском языке.
Britain has taken a leading part in the activities of different organizations.

VII.Поставьте, где необходимо артикли. Объясните употребление каждого случая на русском языке.
1.… most important … group is machinery and … transport equipment.
2.… Government of … Britain welcomes both inward and outward investment.
3. … Britain’s largest single export market was … Federal Republic of Germany.

VIII.Поставьте следующее предложение в пассивный залог и определите время у сказуемого. Объясните употребление пассивного залога на русском языке.
They exported little tea last year.

IX.Поставьте, где необходимо, предлоги и переведите деловое письмо на русский язык:
Dear Sirs,
We shall be glad … have your lowest price … supplying 5,000 booklets similar … the enclosed, … be made … sketches supplied … us.

Закончить предложения, выбрав один из предложенных вариантов. Объясните употребление каждого случая на русском языке.
1. I am very interested ______ the courses you are organizing.
a) on b) in c) to d) for
2. I´m afraid I haven´t got ______ change - only a £10 note.
a) any b) a lot c) some d) a

Дополнительная информация

3. They work in offices ______ are air-conditioned.
a) who b) they c) which d) where
4. I´m going to ______ my suit dry-cleaned.
a) make b) have c) take d) let
5. If you don´t start watching until 8.30 tonight, the programme ________.
a) will already have begun b) will begin c) has already begun
d) had already begun
6. You can do your own cooking in a ______ apartment.
a) camping b) package c) chalet d) self-catering
7. It´s sad that he has ______ friends of his own age.
a) a little b) little c) few d) a few
8. This is the best song ______ so far.
a) I heard b) I´ve heard c) I hear d) I´m hearing
9. They decided to have a picnic ______ the pouring rain.
a) despite b) on account c) because d) although
10. He didn´t want to risk ______ late for the interview.
a) arrive b) arriving c) to arrive d) having arrived
11. I´d love to try and make that cake. Have you got a(n) ______ for it?
a) receipt b) prescription c) ingredient d) recipe
12. His car´s in the car park, so he ______ be here.
a) can b) ought c) must d) needs to
13. You´d better see a doctor, ______ you?
a) hadn´t b) didn´t c) wouldn´t d) don´t
14. I wish I ______ my letter of application earlier.
a) would write b) had written c) have written d) wrote
15. That´s the ______ difficult textbook I´ve ever used.
a) more b) even c) most d) very
16. Because Denise´s parents worked abroad, they sent her to a ______ school.
a) college b) secondary c) training d) boarding
17. The helicopter landed ______ the roof of the building.
a) at b) in c) over d) on
18. I have a monthly bank ______ sent to me, so that I know how much there is in my account.
a) balance b) overdraft c) statement d) cheque
19. Meat can be stored for several months in a home ______.
a) freezer b) fridge c) cool box d) cooler
20. If Jamal ______ on holiday, he´ll spend a lot of money.
a) will go b) goes c) would go d) went


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