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50 тестовых заданий по английскому

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Choose the correct answer.

1. The queen of Great Britain is not ... absolute monarch.
a. the b. an c. -
2. Open ... door, please.
a. the b. a c. -
3. There is ... picture on page 20.
a. the b. a c. -
4. There are ... flowers on the table.
a. the b. a c. -
5. Where is ... your plan?
a. the b. an c. -
6. What colour are ... walls in your room?
a. the b. a c. -
7. Are those ... English books?
a. the b. an c. -
8. Are you standing in the corridor? Come ... please.
a. in b. into c. out d. -
9. The workers are going ... the hall.
a. of b. in c. to d. into
10. Who is ... duty today?
a. of b. in c. on d. for
11. I’m fond of listening ... these tapes.
a. - b. in c. to d. of
12. ... what languages are you speaking?
a. at b. - c. on d. in
13. Let’s work ... our designs.
a. for b. after c. on d. at
14. There is a picture ... sofa.
a. around b. in c. on d. over
15. There are a lot of flowers ... the building of our institute.
a. around b. after c. for d. with
16. Mary is writing ... chalk on the blackboard.
a. for b. with c. around d. of
17. I have a few books ... modern writers.
a. at b. by c. after d. with

18. The desk is ... the wall.
a. in b. with c. on d. at
19. There is no chair ... the corner.
a. of b. on c. in d. at
20. Tom is giving ... me the book.
a. to b. - c. for d. after
21. They are not showing any designs ... us.
a. for b. into c. - d. to
22. Он уедет за границу после того, как книга будет издана.
a. will have been published b. will be published c. has been published
23. Now she ... difficulty in putting fact in order.
a. is having b. has been having c. had
24. Like it or not, TV ... the supreme holiday attraction over it upstaged the cinema by showing old films.
a. has been b. is c. was
25. You are a good football-player. Since when ... you ... football?
a. have been playing b. did play c. had been playing
26. My brother ... music lessons for three years now.
a. have taken b. has been taking c. took
27. Perhaps in the future men ... on the sea, away from the crowded and noisy cities on land.
a. will live b. would live c. are living
28. There ... ten pens and a magazine on the table.
a. is b. are c. am d. was
29. There ... many cars in front of the house.
a. is b. are c. am d. was
30. Who ... speaking?
a. is b. are c. am d. was
31. What ... you doing?
a. is b. are c. am d. was
32. I ... very sorry.
a. is b. are c. am d. was
33. Our class ... over.
a. is b. are c. am d. was
34. You ... take care of your parents.
a. should b. ought to c. are to
35. My sight is getting worse. Next year, I’m afraid, I ... read without glasses.
a. can not b. may not c. won’t be able to
36. Don’t you see I’m tired? You ... me, you know.
a. might have helped b. could help c. may help
37. Police, fire fighters, newspaper reporters and radio broadcasters ... work on holiday in the USA.
a. could b. might c. must
38. The period between 1688 and the middle of the eighteenth century ... named “the accumulation of capital”.
a. need be b. will be able to be c. can be
39. The power of knowledge ... placed in the hands of people.
a. should be b. ought to be c. need to be
40. We ... commemorate great people.
a. must b. need to c. may
41. Whatever else the government ... to undertake, its duty is to keep order in civil society.
a. must try b. might try c. may try
42. No museum ... ever ... buy even one painting by this artist.
a. has ... been able to b. might ... have c. has ... been allowed
43. Twelve delegates representing gypsy groups from several countries ... for six days of talks at the end of February.
a. can meet b. have to meet c. are to meet
44. ... you ... get up early yesterday to meet the delegation at the airport?
a. Did ... have to b. Had ... to c. Have ... had to

Дополнительная информация

45. The leopard ... not change his spots.
a. need b. can c. ought
46. We ... learn from the past.
a. may b. need c. must
47. Teenagers who commit crimes ... be treated as adults and sentenced to significant punishment.
a. would b. should c. ought to
48. The Senate and the House of Representatives ... approve a bill for it to become a law.
a. had to b. must c. was to
49. Excuse me, ... you tell me the way to the Houses of Parliament, please?
a. could b. may c. will
50. ... you come and sit down?
a. Could b. Are c. Won’t


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